Nicolas Lebbe | Alukia
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Language : english français
French student in ENSIMAG at Grenoble – France in
Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.
Currently in the M2 master MSIAM.

Personnal projects

Recent professional works
(3 months, 2015) Internship at EDF R&D.
Implementation of a bundle method to solve a new model (of the optimization program of electricity production) which incorporates stochastic demands.
Keywords : stochastic optimization, nonsmooth optimization, electricity production, C++ programming.
Internship report
EDF presentation slides (french)
ENSIMAG presentation slides (french)

(1 semester, 2015) Introduction to research at LJK.
Modelisation of the behavior of a new chemical marker used for tumors localization using PDE equation and numerical simulation of this model using FreeFem++.
Keywords : mathematical modelisation PDE, finite element, numerical simulation, FreeFem++ programming.
Scholar report (french)
Presentation slides (french)
ENSIMAG wikipedia page (french)







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